School Uniform

We believe that children should take pride in their appearance as well as in the work that they produce whilst at school. We therefore have high expectations in terms of the uniform the children wear and their general appearance. We also anticipate a high level of cooperation from parents and carers whilst enforcing this policy.

The Oakhurst uniform consists of:

White polo (with or without the school logo)
Purple sweatshirt, cardigan or fleece with the school logo

Black shorts or trousers
Black skirt, trousers or pinafore (no leggings or skinny jeans – all tights should be black or white)

Black shorts

Purple summer dress
Black shoes (low heels for girls) – no trainers

Physical education

PE kits should be kept in school throughout the school week and consist of:
Black shorts/skirt/tracksuit bottoms
White t-shirt
All earrings must be covered up and hair tied back.
Please note, all teachers will have a supply of tape and hair bands for children to access before P.E. lessons.
Please inform us if you have any queries about this.


Please do not send children to school wearing jewellery. Only small studs are acceptable and they must be removed before P.E.


In the interests of safety hair longer than shoulder length will need tying back for P.E. It is a good idea to keep long hair tied back generally when in school, as pupils often perform practical tasks during lessons. The school expects all children to have tidy hair, the style of which should not impede their learning. Extreme hairstyles such as tram lines, mohicans and excessive use of hair gel will not be permitted.

Nail varnish

Children should not wear nail varnish or temporary tattoos to school.

Uniform is available from Dress My School and Famous School Brands

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